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Outdoor Pushups


How long does an appointment take?

The initial new-patient examination will take approximately 30 minutes.
Each follow-up treatment appointment will be 15-30 minutes long depending on your needs.

If I don't have pain, can I still get treated at South Texas Sports Chiropractic?

It may seem counterintuitive, but we often advise getting chiropractic care even if you aren’t in pain. Why? Because it’s also a highly effective preventive modality, and if you can nip a problem in the bud and avoid it entirely, you save yourself significant pain and suffering down the road.

What should I wear to my appointments?

You should come dressed in comfortable, athletic clothing. If you are coming in with a knee or lower extremity complaint, it is best to wear athletic shorts. For shoulders or back pain, you should wear a loose t-shirt. 

Do you accept insurance?

South Texas Sports Chiropractic is "out-of-network" for all insurance companies. 
The highest quality of care is a non-negotiable component of our services, which is why we remain out-of-network providers. This allows us to provide you with the treatment you deserve and need, without the constraints of what insurance deems necessary. 
We work with all insurances, but do not bill them directly. Upon request, we provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance for direct reimbursement.
We accept all patients with any insurance plan while operating as Out-of-Network providers. If you are unsure about your Out-of-Network benefits, call your insurance provider and ask what your Out-of-Network benefits are for chiropractic services.


How is South Texas Sports Chiropractic Different?

At South Texas Sports Chiropractic, results driven practice that is passionate about patient care. We believe in preventative health care and providing our patients with individualized comprehensive treatments.Each treatment and exercise prescription is specific and designed to your needs. 
Here you will receive the same evaluation, treatment, and care as the world's top athletes. 


Do I have to be an athlete to be treated at South Texas Sports Chiropractic?

The answer is NO! We provide many different modalities and treatment techniques  to improve  your health. Our treatment techniques will vary from joint manipulations, cupping therapy, active release, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilizations, myofascial release or therapeutic exercise therapy. Your initial examination and consultation will help indicate your treatment needs and which approach works best for you.

How soon will my treatment start?

If appropriate, treatment will begin on your first appointment.
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